Invincia Conducts Intensive Safety Seminar

As an example of the advanced level of Loss Control Service that Invincia is able to provide to clients, we recently John Meola Class photocompleted a one day intensive Safety Seminar for a client with an unusual risk exposure.

There are very few directly applicable safety regulations for the kind of work this client was doing, so Invincia worked with them in advance to create a set of Best Industry Practices. The resulting body of knowledge was published in Handbook format, using illustrations and numerous html links to additional sources of information, including on-line training videos.

The 8 hour seminar, conducted by John Meola, featured the following topics:

  • Overview of the client’s Corporate Safety Policy
    • Development of Best Safety Practices
    • Continuous Improvement strategies and how to implement them into an organization
  • Defensive Driving
    • Includes VOSH Reverse Operations training
  • Work Zone Safety, Including:
    • High Visibility Apparel Requirements
    • Traffic control devices, signage, warning devices
    • Incident Response Mechanics
    • Field work hazards and protective measures
    • Use of tools and equipment
  • How to conduct a Job Safety Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance teachings
    • PPE, Haz Com/GHS, Fall Protection, Confined Space, etc.
  • Ergonomics and Back Injury Prevention

This seminar reviewed anticipated employee exposures in real-life scenarios and offered specific examples of safety practices in excess of the basic compliance level.

In addition to a 46 page customized Safety Handbook, each attendee received a packet of printed learning materials including Certificates of Course Completion and laminated wallet cards. The curriculum was also made available electronically for future updates and reproduction as new employees join the Company.

Please contact Invincia to discuss your specific risk exposures and learn how we can assist in the development of your company’s risk management plan.

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