At Invincia, we recognize that a traditional insurance program does not always best address the risk management needs of your company. We have therefore designed and implemented a number of captive, alternative risk and Affinity Group programs to help our clients better manage insurance exposures and meet risk control objectives.

We offer the following captives and alternative risk programs:

  • Level Funding Health Insurance Programs: Level Funding Health Insurance Programs provide the benefits of both a traditional, fixed cost health insurance program and a self-insurance program. Upon conducting a review of a company’s risk management objectives, Invincia can help develop a Level Funding Health Insurance Program that works with your best interests in mind.
  • Group Captives: Captive insurance programs help manage property and casualty risks including worker’s compensation, automobile liability and general liability. Invincia can help you determine if your company could benefit from participating in a captive insurance plan.
  • Worker’s Compensation Self-Insurance Associations: These programs help manage the premium volatility and safety needs of high-risk industries such as staffing agencies, contractors, home health-care and manufacturers.

Affinity Group Programs

Association members are looking for benefits that add value to their business and impact their bottom line. For many trade associations, an insurance and risk management program tailored to the needs of the industry is a compelling member benefit. At Invincia, our team includes insurance and risk management professionals with deep expertise in your industry.

We understand that you take a risk and put your reputation on the line when introducing a new program to your members. Our Affinity programs are designed to succeed from the start with the application of proven methods and the investment of appropriate resources.